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Like Us on Facebook!

2011-05-25 11:40:27 by HeroInteractive

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hero-Int eractive/58398819916

Many of you may or may not know about this, but we've been on Facebook for awhile now. It is only recently however that we've really begun to start pushing content to the page and really keep it updated. From here on out, that's the plan!

As we are growing we are finding that Facebook can be a much better way to keep in touch with people. And we are finding the newsletter to be less so. In the future we may simply be doing all of our notifications via Facebook and dropping our newsletter altogether- because frankly it's hard to update and it has been little less than "monthly." :) We also plan on taking better advantage of Twitter which we've been less than religious on updating.

If you haven't yet, go check out our page and give us your "like"! This will keep you updated with our latest and freshest news!

Like Us on Facebook!


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2011-05-25 11:48:22

</shameless plug>

HeroInteractive responds:

Lol, this is the newgrounds profile of a game development studio. Did you think it was out of the ordinary to use it for promotion? I thought that was the whole point. We also promote our games and projects as everyone else does.


2011-05-25 18:36:22

Sure, but I don't think it's the nices thing to misuse the frontpage post feature to simply point to another website that doesn't have anything to do with Newgrounds and even not posting any actual info here on NG. I mean, can't you just post the info here?

HeroInteractive responds:

Yes! And we do!


2011-06-19 13:37:39

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